Ragton is a prosperous island city in the north of the Isle of Yorast. It has a colorful and storied history, and its inhabitants have included some of the greatest heroes of the land.

RAGTON is divided into sectors (with important locations of note) as follows:

The Government District: home of City Hall; the Capitol Building; Senate Crypt

The Temple District: home of the temples of Hel, Erathis, and Yorast; the Magesterium; the Graveyard

The Commerce District: Council HQ; Council Crypt; Ragton Arena; Market Street; Ragton Fairgrounds

North Ragton Heights: Ragton Army Base; Ragton Ironworks; Ragton Aeroport

South Ragton Heights: Sheriff Department

Ragton Farmlands: Ragton Granery

The Old Town: Ragton Flea Market; Old Ragton (slums); “Bloodaxe Manor”

The Docks: Ragton Ports


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