Yorast the Mad

Yorast the Mad is an ancient being who is rumored to have walked the Isle as a mortal. Some hold that his presence predates even that of the ancient tribes.

Little is now known of his dealings while on the material plane, except that it is said he was instrumental in brokering the peace between the tribes.

Legends also tell of his former association with sivaaya, the Raven Queen of the Shadar-Kai.

Yorast’s followers were instrumental in hastening the Great Cataclysm during which cities fell, the geography was altered, and many tens of thousands died as civilization was turned upside down. These historic events lead to the new Nation of the Free Peoples’s rise and began the Age of Balance.

Yorast is a deity of raw chaos, simultaneously creative and destructive. His opposite and counterpart is Erathis, who his followers also pay homage to, even though followers of the two deities often disagree and sometimes even fight.


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